Team XII carries a passionate vision for the future of the brand and the recovery community they serve. Here are the goals set for 2021:

1) Become a Non-profit Organization
Our supporters have already shown their generosity through the donations which help keep our doors open and vision alive. We want the ability to offer something in return by making the donations tax deductible. This is one benefit of obtaining a 501(c)(3) non-profit status. In addition, a non-profit status would allow us to obtain grants and other funding which we would use to expand our services and touch more lives.

2) A New Location
We love our little shop in Pasadena, but we are outgrowing it quickly! Ever since the first meeting took place on our rooftop, we realized that the recovery community truly desired a place to gather for in-person meetings. We are beginning to work towards obtaining a bigger location so we can accommodate a greater number of people for meetings and other sober events.

3) Increase Clothing Donations
There is a true joy in gifting a t-shirt to a newcomer in sobriety. In 2020, we were able to donate just over $3,000 worth of clothing and we plan to increase this number exponentially during 2021. We hope to expand our reach by connecting with more treatment centers and other community organizations. If you are part of any such organization, brand, or facility - please reach out to us!