old vision page


Team XII was only a clothing brand until June of 2020 when we opened a showroom and office in Pasadena, California. The office became not just our headquarters, but a truly unique, creative environment for the local community.

"Our mission is to provide a special space for the youth of Los Angeles to meet and be creative, in an environment where healthy, positive life choices are encouraged"

 The showroom of our old location in Pasadena, CA

Our Pasadena location was closed because the property was scheduled for demmolition. We have since moved on to a new chapter. We are now headquartered in downtown Los Angeles. This new space is (5,000 square feet?) and reflects an edgy sense of creativity and a love for art in all forms. Here, we can offer the youth of Los Angeles unique opportunities to be a part of our space - our family - by sharing both our equipment and knowledge of apparel production, helping them to express their creativity and bring their ideas to life. We believe that by providing our younger generation with these opportunities, they will find it much easier to make healthy, positive life choices such as avoiding drugs and alcohol and other problems that often plague today's youth. This idea is rooted in the Team XII vision, and is the foundation on which the brand was built.

With your support, we can keep our space open and this mission alive. We can continue to provide the youth of Los Angeles with these unique opportunities, helping them for years to come. We thank you for any print order you place, apparel you purchase, or donation that you make. It all helps and is 100% tax deductible. Please contact us after making a donation and we will provide the necessary documents to get your tax deduction.